Performance standards for processing applications

For applications filed on or after April 1, 2009

The Board's processes ensure that parties are given the opportunity to fully and fairly present their case. At the same time, subject to the overriding concern for fairness, the Board is committed to processing applications in an efficient and timely manner. A listing of timelines for processing various applications has been provided below. This listing describes typical application types filed with the Board and whether they result in oral or written hearings.

The Board is committed to follow these timelines but it should be noted that they are based upon the full scope of procedural events associated with each application type taking place in a predictable manner. This includes the evidentiary requirements of the applicant and the intervenors. The timely filings of the applicant and intervenors are important requirements if the Board is to achieve greater efficiency in processing applications.

Total period elapsed to board decision (calendar days) for application types

Municipal franchise or certificate  
Oral hearing 205
Written hearing 90
Leave to construct or gas storage
Oral hearing 210
Written hearing 130
Well drilling  
Oral hearing 210
Written hearing 130
Individual application - oral hearing 210
Individual application - written hearing 130
Individual application - written hearing - one step notice 90 (60 days for feed-in tariff applications)

Total period elapsed to board decision (calendar days) for mergers, acquisitions, amalgamations and divestitures

A review of a SECTION 80 or 81 notice of proposal under SECTION 82
(generation, transmission, distribution ownership prohibition)
Oral hearing 220
Written hearing 170
Sections 86 (change of ownership or control of systems)  
Oral hearing 180
Written hearing 130
Distribution rates  
Oral hearing 235
Standard written hearing 185
Streamlined written hearing 140
Quarterly rate adjustment filings - gas  
Written review 21
General application  
Motion to review - oral hearing 170
Motion to review - written hearing 120
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