Performance standards for processing applications

The Ontario Energy Board has adopted new performance standards for processing rate applications to take effect April 1, 2019. See letter issued March 11, 2019 . The new standards better reflect the time required by the OEB to process an application and will provide greater certainty and predictability to applicants.

The OEB’s current cycle time standards for rate applications are determined by hearing type (i.e. oral or written). These standards will also be revised to reflect the size of the revenue requirement rather than the hearing type.  

The new performance standards will measure three indicators:

  • Time elapsed from issuance of completeness letter to the issuance of Procedural Order No. 1 (PO#1)
  • Time elapsed from close of the record to the issuance of an OEB decision
  • Total cycle time – from issuance of completeness letter to final decision 

Click the name of the performance standard in the table below to view the schedule.

  Elapsed Calendar Days
  PO#1 Decision Total Cycle Time
Cost-Based >$500M Revenue Requirement 60 90 355
Cost-Based <$500M Revenue Requirement 35 60 230
Complex Incentive Rate-setting Mechanism 
(or other stand-alone request)
35 60 165
Accounting Order (or other stand-alone request) 35 30 125

The new performance standards apply to rate applications filed as of April 1, 2019.

For all other types of applications, the current performance standards will continue to apply as follows: 

Elapsed time from completeness letter to decision (calendar days)

Municipal franchise or certificate

Oral Hearing 205
Written Hearing 90

Leave to construct or gas storage designation

Oral Hearing 210
Written Hearing 130

Well drilling

Oral Hearing 210
Written Hearing 130

Licence – Individual application

Oral Hearing 210
Written Hearing 130
Written Hearing – One Step Notice 90 (60 days for feed-in tariff applications)

Mergers, acquisitions, amalgamations and divestitures
A review of a SECTION 80 or 81 notice of proposal under SECTION 82
(generation, transmission, distribution ownership prohibition)

Oral Hearing 220
Written Hearing 170

Section 86 (change of ownership or control of systems)

Oral Hearing 180
Written Hearing 130

Quarterly rate adjustment filings – gas

Written Review 21

General application

Motion to Review - Oral Hearing 170
Motion to Review - Written Hearing 120



Application Planning Tool

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