Consumer Alert: Consumers warned against false sales claims and apparent energy sales scam

The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) is warning consumers to beware of telephone and door-to-door sales people claiming to represent the OEB and requesting permission to enter their homes. The OEB does not engage and is not involved in any type of sales activity.

The OEB has received reports that consumers in the Greater Toronto Area have been approached by salespeople claiming to represent the OEB, offering energy conservation rebates on furnaces or water heaters and other financial incentives and saying that a home inspection was required.

These claims are untrue and violate OEB regulations that protect consumers. Consumers with questions or concerns about any sales calls or door-to-door experiences are encouraged to contact the OEB at 1-877-632-2727 within the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday to Friday.

If you receive a call or are approached at the door by an electricity or natural gas sales person, remember:

  • Ask to see identification.
  • Ask for a business ID card with the sales representative’s company information.
  • Energy retailers can come to your home at certain times and give you information, but may not leave a copy of an energy contract with you.
  • Do not sign a contract at the door (this practice was banned by the OEB as of January 1, 2017).