Public asked for input on customer service rules for Ontario energy utilities

Are there any times when Ontario energy utilities shouldn’t be allowed to disconnect customers? How much time should customers be given to pay and should they be allowed to use credit cards? Should energy utilities be allowed to ask for security deposits?

The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) has launched an online survey to gather input from residential and small business consumers on these and other questions about customer service rules (the survey is now closed)

“Whether you’re an electricity or natural gas customer, this is your opportunity to have your say,” says Rosemarie Leclair, Chair and CEO of the OEB.

“Your feedback is vital in ensuring that the OEB’s rules strike the right balance between consumer protection and the operational needs of energy utilities.”

The survey is part of a comprehensive review of customer service rules that the OEB launched in May. The OEB is asking for feedback on six categories of customer service rules that it has identified as priority areas. The OEB is also engaging energy utilities and other interested stakeholders as part of the review.

The OEB has had detailed customer service rules in place for electricity distributors since 2011. Rate-regulated natural gas distributors were required to implement and publish residential customer service policies in 2012, covering the major areas addressed by the electricity sector rules.