Moving forward on Ontario’s Long-Term Energy Plan

Our Implementation Plan describes the work the OEB will undertake in support of the goals and objectives described in Ontario’s 2017 Long-Term Energy Plan (LTEP). The focus of our work will continue to be on outcomes that deliver value for Ontario’s energy consumers.

Many of the initiatives described in our Implementation Plan are a natural extension of work we have been doing since we adopted a new regulatory framework for the electricity distribution sector in 2012, which sharpened our focus on engaging consumers, improving local and regional planning, and modernizing the system. 

The initiatives described in our Implementation Plan are intended to increase utility accountability to consumers, support better investment decisions, improve utility planning, develop more effective price signals, provide more consumer choice, help Ontario’s energy sector adapt to climate change, promote a culture of innovation, enhance protection for customers of unit sub-meter providers, and enhance our ability to regulate the energy sector in the public interest.

A detailed description of each of our initiatives can be found within our Implementation Plan.

As we address the changes underway and support innovation in the sector to harness its value for consumers, the OEB will continue to be guided by objectives that are fundamental to the OEB’s role as energy regulator to protect the interests of customers with respect to the price, reliability and quality of service.

The Minister of Energy approved the OEB’s Implementation Plan on February 15, 2018.

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