OEB launches new, more efficient way for distributors to report data

Improvements in filing system based on industry feedback                                                                             

The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) has launched a new, more efficient system for utilities to file their Reporting and Record keeping Requirements (RRR).

Distributors are required to file their RRR data, including financial and non-financial information that the OEB uses to assess performance and monitor operations to identify areas that may require particular focus. The annual distributor Yearbooks and Electricity Distributor Scorecards are examples where the OEB publishes this information so that consumers and the industry understand how utilities are performing on a host of measures, such as the number of new services connected on time, the average number and duration of power interruptions and even utility cyber security readiness.

To make data submission easier for distributors, the OEB introduced a new filing system with a number of enhancements. Users will likely most appreciate the ability to export data to Microsoft Excel and save work in process to return to it later, if needed.

“The new system is very user-friendly and it’s much easier to read,” said one of the utilities that volunteered to test the platform before its launch.

Chris Kerr, OEB Manager of Performance Analytics & Reporting, said the new platform improvements were based on industry feedback and that with a better reporting system, the OEB has a strong foundation to streamline regulatory requirements.

“It’s a huge improvement,” Kerr said. “Many distributors really liked the system’s intuitive navigation and are looking forward to using it.”

The new RRR filing system launched today for all electricity distributors. It went live for natural gas distributors on December 2.

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