Three Things to Know About the New Customer Service Rules

New rules that strengthen protection for energy consumers took effect March 1, 2020.                                   

The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) has had rules in place for electricity utilities since 2011. After an extensive review, the OEB has enhanced the electricity rules and has now applied them to rate-regulated natural gas utilities.

Here are some of the key enhanced rules, which now also apply to gas utilities:

  1. If you are a small business customer, you can have your security deposit returned after 3 years of good payment history.
  2. Whether you are a residential or a small business customer, you have at least 20 days to pay your utility bills before a late payment charge can apply.
  3. Utilities must give you an “account overdue notice” 7 calendar days before a disconnection notice is issued for your home or small business, and then 14 calendar days’ notice before disconnection. 

There are also special financial assistance programs and special rules to help low-income customers. To find out more, see

To find out more about all of the OEB’s customers service rules, see Rules for Electricity Utilities and Rules for Rate-regulated Natural Gas Utilities.