OEB Publishes Mid-Year Compliance Report

As Ontario’s independent regulator of the electricity and natural gas sectors, one of our jobs is to establish and enforce the rules that regulated electricity and natural gas companies follow to protect consumers and ensure the energy sector operates in a way that is fair, transparent, and accountable. Our goal is to promote a sustainable and efficient energy sector, for today and tomorrow, and our compliance and enforcement work is integral to this effort.

The Ontario Energy Board’s (OEB) mid-year Compliance Report (April - September 2022) demonstrates how the OEB, as an independent regulator for the energy sector, is fulfilling its mandate to protect the interests of consumers and deliver public value.

The report provides an overview of the activities undertaken by the OEB to ensure regulated entities comply with their legal and regulatory requirements and includes related statistical data. It also highlights select cases that best illustrate how the OEB has addressed compliance issues over the course of the noted period.

By the numbers

During the period April through September 2022:  

  • 605 consumer complaints were received
  • 306 consumer complaints were escalated for detailed review and analysis where initial screening identified potential non-compliance issues
  • 47 compliance reviews were started, most of which were initiated due to a consumer complaint
  • 34 compliance reviews were completed
  • 26 inspections and 17 enforcement cases were started, most of which were initiated following an initial self-report by a regulated entity
  • 20 inspections and 8 enforcement cases were completed, resulting in:
    • $303,000 in administrative penalties paid under Assurances of Voluntary Compliance
    • $487,620 returned directly to affected consumers
    • $3,000 in additional utility funds paid into the Low-income Energy Assistance Program - Emergency Financial Assistance (LEAP EFA), meaning more support for low-income consumers facing disconnection or already disconnected.

      *None of the above amounts were recoverable from utility ratepayers
  • 168 enquiries were received from industry relations enquiries (IREs)
  • Three compliance-related guidance documents were issued to regulated entities, including interpretive bulletins
  • 2,488 requests for information and customer service-related enquiries were received from consumers
  • Four press releases and a number of warnings about energy scams across a variety of platforms were issued.

“Our mid year Compliance Report demonstrates the OEB’s commitment to protecting consumers by building a culture of compliance across the energy sector while ensuring the compliance process is balanced and fair. As the independent regulator, the OEB protects the interests of millions of electricity and natural gas consumers and licenses and oversees the conduct of most energy sector generators, transmitters, distributors, and energy retailers in Ontario.” 

- Harneet Panesar, COO