Interactive dashboard

As part of our goal to become a Top Quartile Regulator, the Ontario Energy Board embraces innovation and continually seeks opportunities to make data more accessible and transparent to both consumers and industry stakeholders.

Interactive System Reliability Dashboard

Through the use of data, the OEB’s Interactive System Reliability Dashboard provides consumers with a clear line of sight to better understand and visualize industry trends and local distributor reliability performance in a way that can be customized to meet their personal preferences. It also provides industry stakeholders with a quick and easy benchmarking tool to compare the performance of local distribution companies (LDCs).

In this dashboard, you can find system reliability data presented as:

  • Yearly and monthly trends in industry performance
  • Side-by-side performance comparisons for local distribution companies (LDCs) of your choice
  • Customizable views that can display detailed data by cause of interruption.

With this dashboard, the OEB takes data transparency one step further by enabling users to access more detailed reliability data than was ever available through the Electricity Distributor Yearbooks.

To access additional data made publicly available by the OEB, please refer to the Open Data inventory.


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