Guidelines for Assessing and Reporting on Natural Gas System Expansion in Ontario

The Guidelines provide a common analysis and reporting framework to be applied by regulated gas distribution companies.

Natural Gas
Last revised
January 30, 1998

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The Guidelines are part of the Distribution System Expansion Report (E.B.O. 188) (pdf) dated January 30, 1998.

See also: Ontario Energy Board Report on Economic Test of the Expansion of the Natural Gas Transmission System in Ontario, EBO 134 (pdf) dated June 1, 1987.

November 11, 2015 - The OEB has prepared a guideline document that is intended to assist new entrants interested in distributing natural gas in the province of Ontario. The document is intended as a high level and plain language summary and is not intended to replace the legislation, regulations and other instruments that are referenced throughout. Any action taking should be based on a review of the relevant legal instrument(s) and appropriate legal advice.