Annual filings of frequent intervenors

As of June 2, 2014, the OEB requires frequent intervenors to annually file information regarding matters such as:

  • their mandate and objectives;
  • their membership and the constituency they represent;
  • the types of programs or activities by which they carry out their mandate; and
  • the appointment and authorization of the individual or individuals who represent them and act on their behalf in OEB proceedings.

The availability of this information will help both the OEB and other parties to assess the basis for the intervenor’s interest in a particular proceeding. Accordingly, the procedure will further enhance the transparency and credibility of the intervenor framework.

For more information about the new filing requirements, please refer to section 22.03 of the OEB’s Rules of Practice and Procedure and section 3.03.1 of the OEB’s Practice Direction on Cost Awards.

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