Annual filings of frequent intervenors

A frequent intervenor is an intervenor that has participated in 3 or more proceedings in the preceding 12 months. Since 2014, the OEB has required frequent intervenors to file information to help both the OEB and other parties to assess the basis for the intervenor’s interest in a particular proceeding. This process enhances the transparency and credibility of the intervenor framework.

Effective April 1, 2023, the OEB has developed a Frequent Intervenor Form to standardize these filings and require the provision of new information. The Frequent Intervenor Form requires information on matters such as:

  • their mandate and objectives;
  • their membership and the constituency they represent;
  • the types of programs or activities by which they carry out their mandate; and
  • their governance structure and how the intervenor’s representatives will report to and receive instructions from the intervenor

For more information about the filing of Frequent Intervenor Forms, please refer to Rule 22 of the OEB’s Rules of Practice and Procedure.


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