As Ontario’s independent energy regulator, we make decisions and rules to ensure that consumers are treated fairly and that the energy sector is reliable and sustainable. We oversee how energy companies operate to ensure the public interest is served.

Here are some of the things we do to ensure consumers are treated fairly and that the energy system is reliable and sustainable. We:

  • Make rules that protect consumers
  • License energy companies in the electricity sector and natural gas marketers
  • Establish the rates energy utilities can charge
  • Provide information and tools to help you understand your usage and also the broader energy issues
  • Monitor the performance of electricity utilities and how well the wholesale electricity market is working
See how we’re empowering you

One way we're empowering energy consumers is by being transparent and open. We provide simple and meaningful ways to participate in our processes, including publishing information about current rate applications so that you can decide if you want to voice your opinion. View rate applications and a list of upcoming community meetings, and use the online comment form.

Effective regulation delivers results

When energy regulation works well, it achieves measurable results:

  • You receive a reliable energy supply at a reasonable cost and understand what you’re paying for
  • Energy utilities operate efficiently and make cost-effective investments that reflect your needs
  • The public interest is served and consumers are protected
  • Ontario is well-prepared for the future with a strong, stable energy distribution system
How is your utility performing?

See the dashboard for your electricity utility for at-a-glance performance stats, including reliability, customer service and operational efficiency.