Apply for a licence exemption

Apply for a Section 57.1 Licence Exemption

Anyone seeking a licence exemption for an innovative pilot project must submit an application to the Registrar ( that includes the following information: 

  • a description of the project and list of partners, if any; 
  • a description of the licence exemption requested; 
  • a project timeline, including key milestones;
  • supporting documents (e.g., all relevant OEB licences and approvals, if applicable).

Please use the following link to access the application form:

Anyone who is granted an exemption from a licensing requirement under section 57.1 would also be exempt from certain other regulatory requirements - see The authority to grant exemptions under section 57.1 has been delegated to an OEB employee. Section 57.1 provides that a hearing is not required. OEB staff may have followup questions for the applicant. There is no application fee.

In the event the exemption is no longer necessary, whether due to project completion or any other reason, please notify the Registrar by sending an email to within a 20-business-day period.

Please note the OEB’s processing standards for licence exemption applications is 90 days upon receipt of a completed application.

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If you have any questions related to this process, contact Industry Relations.

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