2002-03 Cost Allocation (Load Data) Working Group

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July 2005: The information collected under the Board's November 10-03 Load Data Collection Directions was used in the upcoming cost allocation review informational filings. Please see the Cost Allocation Review page for more information.

The Electricity Distribution Rate Handbook provides paragraph 1.4:

"Cost allocation factors have not been revisited since the 1980's. Prior to the implementation of 2nd generation PBR the Board will require utilities to develop cost allocation studies that reflect: (1) the new structure of the industry, (2) current load profiles of the various rate groups and (3) a review of the method of allocating distribution cost to rate classes. The Board strongly encourages utilities to jointly sponsor these studies, achieving economies where possible through joint development of load data."

As explained in its letter of October 28, 2002, the "Board recognizes there are various approaches to undertaking cost allocation studies, and that the information requirements may vary by approach." Accordingly, a cost allocation working group was established.

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Background reading

  • Report to Board Staff (October 2000) Note: The discussion of general principals in the report may still prove helpful to parties, but certain details and model references may no longer be applicable.


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November 10, 2003

The Board has issued Load Data Collection Directions to all licensed electricity distributors. The load data is to be collected in 2004 and early 2005. The load data will be used in cost allocation, when allocating demand-related distribution costs to customer classes. An accompanying letter to the Cost Allocation Working Group deals with disclosure of customer information requirements in distributors’ licences.

September 23, 2003

The Cost Allocation Working Group issued its first report today. The Report focuses on load data collection issues, and provides recommendations on how LDCs should commence collection of updated load data in the next months (Direction from the Board will follow).

March 14, 2003

Letter sent to all electricity distributors ("LDCs") and registered parties to RP-1999-0034 and RP-2000-0069 proceedings, advising that the Cost Allocation Working Group (which had been temporarily suspended following the enactment of Bill 210) will be reactivated.

October 28, 2002

Letter sent to all electricity distributors ("LDCs") and registered parties to RP-1999-0034 and RP-2000-0069 proceedings, attaching Preliminary Issues List for cost allocation studies consultations.

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