Development of a Standby Rate Policy for Load Displacement Generation

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The Board initiated a consultation process to develop standby rates for Load Displacement Generation (“LDG”).

In its March 21, 2006 Decision in EB-2005-0529, the Board declared “all existing and proposed standby rates” interim pending further review of the issues associated with standby rates.

In the Report of the Board in EB-2010-0219, Review of Electricity Distribution Cost Allocation Policy, issued March 31, 2011, the Board committed to establishing a separate consultation process to address the issues pertaining to LDG. 

Date Issue / Document
March 4, 2013

The Board has issued a letter re: Load Displacement Generation Working Group (LDGWG).

January 24, 2013

The Board issued a letter to notify all interested parties regarding the initiation of a new consultation process. The letter sets out the Board’s approach and requests expressions of interest to participate in the Load Displacement Generation Working Group (“LDGWG”).

  • Letter (inc. Appendix A & B)
    • Appendix A – Cost Awards
    • Appendix B – Objectives, Scope and Technical Expertise of the Participants in the Load Displacement Generation Working Group (LDGWG)

Working Group

Cost Award Matters