LEAP Conservation Working Group

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Natural Gas

On June  2009, the Board announced the members selected for participation on the Conservation Working Group. The role of the Conservation Working Group was to develop both a short-term (2010) and long-term framework for DSM by natural gas distributors, as it relates to low-income energy consumers. However, by letter dated September 28, 2009, the Board announced that at the request of the Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, it was deferring further work on LEAP.

List of Member Organizations for the Conservation Working Group

  • City of Toronto
  • Coalition of Large Distributors
  • Cornerstone Hydro Electric Concepts
  • Direct Energy
  • Electricity Distributors Association
  • Enbridge Gas Distribution
  • Green Communities Canada
  • Green Energy Coalition
  • Hydro One Networks
  • Low Income Energy Network
  • Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure
  • Ontario Power Authority
  • Social Housing Services Corporation
  • Union Gas
  • Vulnerable Energy Consumers Coalition / Energy Probe

Disclaimer: Information contained in working group notes/documents represent the views of the individuals participating in the working group only, and in no way reflect official Ontario Energy Board position or opinion.


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