Rate Design for Recovery of Electricity Distribution Costs

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This review intended to consider the need for, and approaches to, changes to distribution rate design in light of industry changes and emerging issues. This includes the commercialization of electricity distributors, developments in metering and increased distributed generation and conservation and demand management activities, among others.

The Board decided to defer completion of this rate design project (EB-2007-0031). See Rate Design for Electricity Distributors (EB-2012-0410) for more information.

Related policy initiatives:

Date Issue / Document
March 6, 2009

The Board received comments from the following parties regarding the Staff Discussion Paper.

January 29, 2009

The Board issued a Staff Discussion Paper on Rate Classifications for Electricity Distribution Customers.

June 6, 2008

Comments received on the staff discussion paper:

March 31, 2008

The Board invites comments on a staff discussion paper on rate design issues and options.

January 29, 2008

The Board notified participants in the Distributed Generation – Rates and Connection, Rate Design for Electricity Distributors, and Transmission Connection Cost Responsibility Review consultations of its intention to launch a consultation on distribution connection cost responsibility in 2008 and of the implications of this new initiative for the scope of the existing consultations.

January 16, 2008

Jan 16, 2008 Consultation meeting:

December 12, 2007

Dec 12, 2007 Consultation meeting:

October 17, 2007

Oct 17, 2007 Consultation meeting:

May 18, 2007

The Board posted submissions received from stakeholders in response to the Staff Discussion Paper on Rate Design for Electricity Distributors.

March 30, 2007

The Board invites stakeholders to participate in a multi-year key initiative on Rate Design for Electricity Distributors. The first stage is a Staff Discussion Paper for comment.