Standard Offer Program

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One of the OEB’s key business objectives is to help meet Ontario’s challenges for renewal of energy infrastructure and supply. The OEB completed a review of codes, rules, licences and other regulatory instruments to ensure that they facilitate investment in new generation capacity, the development of renewable energy, enhanced connectivity to the electricity grid, conservation initiatives and congestion –reducing transmission expansions.

This work was in part a follow-up to work done in late 2003 to standardize connection procedures and requirements for generation attached to local distribution systems.

In addition, the Chair of the Ontario Energy Board received a letter from the Minister of Energy asking the OEB to cooperate with the Ontario Power Authority in developing the terms and conditions for a standard offer program for small generators embedded in the distribution system that use clean or renewable resources.

The OEB proposed amendment to codes as required.

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November 8, 2006

Please note that there is no change to any of the Distribution System Code or Retail Settlement Code amendments issued by the Board on October 30, 2006.

November 1, 2006

The OEB issued a letter confirming its October 11, 2006 determination that the current provisions of the Retail Settlement Code (RSC) in relation to load customers and the amendments to the RSC contained in the Board's Notice of Amendments to the Distribution System Code and the RSC issued on October 31, 2006 are appropriate at this time.

October 31, 2006

The OEB issued a letter on the Electricity Reporting and Record Keeping Requirements (RRR) for distributors with respect to applications for connection by generators.

October 30, 2006

The OEB released amendments to the Distribution System Code and the Retail Settlement Code. The amendments facilitate the connection of embedded generation facilities to distribution systems and address related settlement issues.

October 11, 2006

The OEB issued its rules referred in the Notice of Proposal to Amend a Code released September 26, 2006. The rules are a clarification of settlement rules for embedded retail generators that enter into contracts with the Ontario Power Authority.

September 26, 2006

The OEB released Notice of Proposed Code Amendments to aid connection of distributed generation. These amendments will support the Standard Offer Contracts of the OPA.

March 21, 2006

Recommendations making it easier for small electricity generators in Ontario to operate could be in place as early as this fall, according to a report authored by the OEB and the OPA.

November 17, 2005

The OEB released a Staff Discussion Paper for comment on issues regarding development of the Standard Offer Program.

October 11, 2005

The OEB and the OPA jointly issued a letter on the development of the Standard Offer Program.

August 19, 2005

The OEB Chair received a letter from the Minister on developing a Standard Offer Program.

December 22, 2003

The OEB issued amendments to the Distribution System Code to allow for standardization, consistency and clarity with regards to procedures and requirements for facilitating connection of new generation facilities to local distribution systems.