Natural Gas Reporting & Record Keeping Requirements (RRR): Section 2.1.18 Account Information for Residential and Eligible Low-Income Customers


Provides data for a distributor related to account information for residential and eligible low-income customers including the number of customer accounts, disconnections for non-payment, accounts in arrears, aging of accounts in arrears, arrears payment agreements, write-offs, equal billing and equal payment plans, and security deposits. Note that the start year for this data file is 2015.


Table 1: Residential and Eligible Low-Income Customers- Number of Accounts, Disconnections for Non-Payment, Arrears Payment Agreements, Write-offs, Equal Billing and Equal Payment Plans, and Security Deposits Residential and Low-Income Customer Info. Table 1.xml

Table 2: Residential and Eligible Low-Income Customers-Accounts in Arrears Residential and Low-Income Customer Billing and Payment Account in Arrears Table 2 (Monthly).xml

Table 3: Residential Customers-Aging of Accounts in Arrears Residential Customer Aging of Accounts in Arrears Table 3 (Monthly).xml

Table 4: Eligible Low-Income Customer-Aging of Accounts in Arrears Low Income Aging of Accounts in Arrears Table 4 (Monthly).xml

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