Learn how utilities seek approval to change their rates by filing an application.

Electricity and natural gas utilities can only make changes to the portion of your energy bill called delivery if we approve the changes first. In general, a utility applies for a full review of its rates every 5 years. We review these major rate requests carefully, and our review often results in a different amount than the original request. For the years in between, the utility's rates are adjusted using a formula.

We ask utilities to file documents called rate applications that outline all of their costs — from trucks and buildings to proposed investments in infrastructure, like pipelines and wires, and their plans to maintain it. And we ask them to explain the reasons for requesting a rate change.

Not all applications are about rate changes. If a utility wants to merge with another utility, or construct a new pipeline or electricity line of a certain size, for example, it has to file an application with the Ontario Energy Board to seek permission. To see a list of all applications, visit Applications before the OEB in our industry section.

View and comment on an application

Visit the current applications page to learn the facts about a specific application and decide whether you want to get involved:

  • See how your rates would change as a result of an application if it were approved
  • Find out when upcoming community meetings and hearings are being held
  • See documents related to the case
  • Provide your comments online
  • See other types of applications that may impact consumers, like utility mergers or construction of new pipes and wires

How we consider rate applications

Once their application is filed, our job, as Ontario’s independent energy regulator, is to consider how well the utility’s interests align with your interests. Specifically, we are looking for evidence of reasonable prices, good reliability and quality service so that we can be sure Ontario’s energy system is meeting your needs, while also remaining financially viable.  

How is your electricity utility performing?

See the performance dashboard for your electricity utility for at-a-glance stats, including how accurate its billing is, how often the utility has been on time for scheduled appointments and how many power outages it has had.

Notifying you about rate applications

We’re your trusted source for information about current applications. When a utility files a major rate application, we will let you know well in advance so that you can have input. Watch for information about this type of application in your local newspaper, here on our website, and on the utility’s website. Follow your utility or the Ontario Energy Board on Twitter.

Questions about an application

If you have questions about a specific application, call us at 1-877-632-2727.

How the application process works

Applications are just the beginning of the review process, not the end. We also review public feedback, which you can provide at our community meetings or in letters of comment. And, we encourage input from low-income groups, residential and small business customers, Indigenous Communities, electricity producers, environmental groups and other public interest groups that often participate in our hearing process. Active participants in our hearings, that have received our approval to participate, are called intervenors. We take all of this input into consideration, as well as information from our own expert staff, before making a decision. Read our Consumers' Guide to the Energy Rate-setting Process.