Gas Distribution Access Rule (GDAR)

Establishes conditions of access to gas distribution services provided by a gas distributor and sets out rules governing the conduct of gas distributors toward gas vendors, including gas marketers.

Natural Gas
Last revised
June 22, 2020

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Recent amendments to the GDAR

2. Amendments relating to Phase 1 of the OEB’s Customer Service Rules Review (EB-2017-0183). These amendments came into force in three phases: on March 14, 2019, on July 1, 2019, and on March 1, 2020 (Note: The March 1, 2020 version was corrected on June 22, 2020). More information

1. Amendments that support the recommendations in “Consumers Come First: A Report of the Ontario Energy Board on the Effectiveness of the Energy Consumer Protection Act, 2010”. These amendments came into force on January 1, 2017 (EB-2015-0268). More information | January 1, 2017 version (pdf)