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We are pleased to publish our 2023/24 - 2025/26 Business Plan (the Plan), our guide as we continue to play a leadership role in Ontario’s energy transition.

For the year ahead, several themes and complex multi-year initiatives already underway will continue alongside the exciting work brought forward through the Minister’s Letter of Direction of October 2022. We will complete these foundational projects while also executing an action plan against our four strategic goals in focus: To evolve toward becoming a top quartile regulator; to protect the public; drive energy sector performance; and facilitate innovation.

This plan also includes our Energy Transition Roadmap as we know that sector participants seek transparency and certainty around our current and future activities. The change that is now upon us is disruptive to every aspect of the energy business.

We will be deliberate and disciplined in executing this Plan while remaining true to our strategic themes of independence, accountability, certainty, effectiveness, efficiency and innovation. We know there is more than one path forward and inaction is not an option. Working together with the sector, we will get the job done.

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