Board members

The Ontario Energy Board consists of Board members who are appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council. Together they bring significant experience in a range of disciplines including engineering, economics, accounting and law.

The Chair and two Vice-Chairs are responsible for overseeing the management and operations of the Board. They make up the Management Committee.

Board members decide utilities’ requests for approval of changes including rate applications. Many applications are decided through a court-like process where utilities make their case in a hearing.

Key priorities

As Ontario’s independent energy regulator, we have key priorities and by delivering on them, we ensure the following outcomes:

  • Consumers have a reliable energy supply at a reasonable cost, and understand what they’re paying for
  • Energy utilities operate as efficiently as possible, while making cost-effective investments that reflect consumer needs and provide more choice
  • Ontario is well-prepared for the future with a strong, stable energy distribution system

Current Board members


Chair & Chief Executive Officer