Electricity Conservation and Demand Management (CDM)

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The Green Energy Act established a new framework for electricity conservation and demand management in Ontario.

In accordance with a directive from the Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, dated March 31, 2010, the Board was required to take certain steps to establish targets for the reduction of electricity consumption and peak provincial electricity demand to be met by certain licensed electricity distributors, as a condition of licence.

The requirement for CDM targets does not apply to distributors that are not connected to the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO)-controlled grid, with the exception of embedded distributors, and to distributors whose rates are not regulated by the Board.

The Directive also required the Board to issue a code that includes rules relating to the reporting requirements and performance incentives associated with the CDM Programs. These rules also relate to the planning, design, approval, implementation and the evaluation, measurement and verification of Board-approved CDM Programs and to such other matters as the Board considers appropriate.

The Board recently issued new CDM Guidelines which provide guidance on certain provisions in the CDM Code and the type of evidence a distributor should file to support an application for Board-Approved CDM programs.

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Report of the OEB – Updated LRAMVA Policy

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