Natural Gas Demand Side Management (DSM)

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Natural Gas

The Ontario Energy Board is committed to ensuring that natural gas customers have access to useful and appropriate programs that help them conserve energy and that benefit the natural gas system.

Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc. and Union Gas Limited have filed DSM plans with the OEB since 1995, which has included energy conservation programs available to the majority of their customers.

Most recently, the OEB developed a new DSM Framework and Guidelines to help the natural gas distributors form new multi-year DSM plans for 2015-2020. Both distributors applied for and received approval of new DSM plans based on the new Framework and Guidelines in early 2016.

The OEB is undertaking a Mid-Term Review of the 2015-2020 DSM Framework. It includes a review of the mid-term studies and reports listed in the OEB’s 2015-2020 DSM Decision, and a limited review of the DSM Framework in the context of Ontario’s Cap and Trade program.

DSM Mid-term Review and related documents can be found on the OEB’s DSM Mid-Term Review webpage.

As outlined in the OEB’s Report on DSM issued December 22, 2014, the OEB will be taking a central role in the evaluation, measurement & verification (EM&V) of DSM program savings. DSM programs will be evaluated on an annual basis, with results issued by the OEB to be used by the gas utilities when they file applications for recovery of amounts related to DSM activities. 

DSM Evaluation information and related documents can be found on the OEB’s DSM Evaluation webpage.

The OEB oversaw the completion of a natural gas potential study to inform natural gas efficiency planning and programs, as directed by the Ministry of Energy. The results are expected to be of assistance for the mid-term review of the new six-year natural gas demand-side management (DSM) framework that began in 2015. The study was completed in June 2016.

DSM Potential Study information and related documents can be found on the OEB’s Natural Gas Conservation Potential Study webpage.

Current DSM Framework and Guidelines governing 2015-2020 DSM programs:

The final savings results for each year are summarized in the reports below.

Technical Reference Manual Updates

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Dec 27, 2017

The OEB has posted an update to the Demand Side Management Technical Reference Manual (TRM) for prescriptive measure input assumptions.


Measures & Assumptions Updates


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2016 December 21, 2016 EB-2016-0246 Decision and Order
2015 December 6, 2015 EB-2015-0344 Letter
2014 March 27, 2015 EB-2014-0354 Decision and Order
2013 April 30, 2014 EB-2013-0430 Decision and Order
2012 December 19, 2012 EB-2012-0441 Decision and Order
2011 July 4, 2011 EB-2011-0254 Decision and Order