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The OEB recovers its operating and capital costs through assessments to the natural gas and electricity market participants that it regulates. The cost assessment model is the approach used by the OEB to allocate costs.

The Report with Respect to Decision-Making Processes at the OEB contains recommendations for the greater use of codes, rules and guidelines for policy making, in order to enhance how parties participate in hearings, and new approaches to settlement. Implementation of some of these recommendations may require changes to the OEB's Rules of Practice and Procedure. The Report also contains recommendations regarding the role of staff in hearings. These recommendations have been implemented.

December 1, 2011 - The OEB initiated a process to develop a systematic framework to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of its policies. The OEB believes that an evaluation framework for Board policy could be an important tool to:

  • assess whether the objectives of its policies have been met; and
  • encourage continuous improvement (as on-going monitoring may reveal issues that can be addressed).

The Staff Report to the Board on the Proposed Evaluation Framework sets out the framework to achieve these goals.

The OEB posted a survey and report prepared by Elenchus Research Associates on behalf of the OEB. The survey looks at practices of regulators in other jurisdictions with regard to regulatory cost measures. The report presents its findings and makes recommendations to the OEB.

Disclosure of Travel and Hospitality Expenses

This section provides regular updates on the travel, meal and hospitality expense claims of Board Members, the COO, Vice-Presidents and the top five claimants within the OEB.

This section will show the person’s name and title, purpose of the trip(s), date and destination of the trip(s), names of government/agency attendees if applicable, plus a summary of expenses for relevant air fare, other transportation, accommodation, meals, hospitality and incidentals.

The OEB has been posting expense information since April 2010. Expense claims are reviewed prior to posting, by the Integrity Commissioner of Ontario.

Expense claim information for cabinet ministers and political staff as well as agency senior executives, appointees and the top five claimants of the designated agencies can be accessed through the Government of Ontario website as soon as possible after the claims are reviewed by the Integrity Commissioner.

All claims for reimbursement for travel and other expenses must comply with the principles and rules of the Travel, Meal and Hospitality Expenses Directive which is available on the Ministry of Government Services website.

The principles for reimbursement of expenses in the Directive include:

  • Taxpayer dollars are used prudently and responsibly with a focus on accountability and transparency.
  • Expenses for travel, meals and hospitality support government objectives.
  • Plans for travel, meals, accommodation and hospitality are necessary and economical with due regard for health and safety.

All expense claims are subject to oversight and approval and are reimbursed only if the expense is appropriate and reasonable.

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