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As part of its ongoing path to modernization, the OEB has issued an updated Cost Assessment Model (CAM). The OEB uses a CAM to allocate its operating costs appropriately to the payors and sub classes of payors liable for the OEB’s expenses and expenditures under Section 26 of the Ontario Energy Board Act, 1998. The updated CAM came into effect on April 1, 2022, and will be in place until otherwise advised.

The OEB has accepted an Assurance of Voluntary Compliance from Algoma Steel Inc., an electricity generator. The Assurance responds to non-compliance related to operation in the electricity market without a generator licence.

The OEB has posted its adjudicative reporting dashboard to provide stakeholders with the final snapshot report for fiscal 2021-22.

On March 24, 2022, the OEB issued guidance to licensees regarding changes to the implementation of the Ontario Electricity Rebate (OER). As mentioned in that letter, an updated OER notice form reflecting the changes for distributors to use is now available (in both English and French) including an instruction page for distributors in relation to filling out certain sections of the form. The use of this template is not mandatory. Distributors may revise it as appropriate, providing it contains all of the information required by section 1.3 of the General Regulation.

The OEB has released an updated variance settlement factor that is to be used by electricity distributors to calculate a one-time credit or charge for consumers who choose to stop purchasing electricity through the Regulated Price Plan. This factor is called the "Final RPP Variance Settlement Factor" and is updated on the OEB website monthly.

To meet growing energy needs created by EVs in the Ottawa area, the IESO and the OEB are supporting a new pilot project by BluWave-ai and Hydro Ottawa that will use artificial intelligence to manage EV charging during peak demand periods.

The OEB has released its Report to the Minister of Energy: Design of an Optional Enhanced Time-of-Use (TOU) Price and a supplemental report regarding the design of such a price.

The OEB has issued a letter raising awareness of a fraudulent email being circulated to entities we regulate. The sender is seeking financial information. Read below for more details about this scam and what to do if you receive a suspicious email from the OEB.

In keeping with our desire to provide improved digital experiences to the sector and consumers, we’ve updated our What’s New notification service. It now offers a fresh, new design and a more personalized experience by allowing subscribers to choose the types of updates you’d like to receive from us. Note: current subscribers do not need to re-subscribe.

The OEB has posted a Directive from the Minister of Energy regarding the development of new transmission lines in southwestern Ontario and a related Order in Council regarding the priority status of some of these projects.

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