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The OEB has posted the updated electricity supply mix data information for 2021. As per Ontario Regulation 416/99 made under the OEB Act, and the OEB’s Directive, this information is required to be disclosed to Ontario consumers.

The OEB’s pilot initiative to issue final decisions and final rate orders twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, is now permanent, effective immediately.

Today we issued the OEB Staff Report to the Ontario Energy Board: Review of 2022 Annual Update to Enbridge Gas Inc. Natural Gas Supply Plan. This report outlines the staff's assessment of Enbridge's annual update to the five-year natural gas supply plan.

The OEB has published the 2021 Scorecards of Electricity Distributors. The scorecard measures how well Ontario’s electricity distributors are performing each year.

The OEB has accepted an Assurance of Voluntary Compliance from EPCOR Electricity Distribution Ontario Inc. following an OEB inspection into the company’s disconnection-related practices. The inspection found that EPCOR Electricity Distribution Ontario Inc.’s disconnection practices were non-compliant with OEB rules. This reflects the OEB’s commitment to protecting consumers by ensuring that regulated companies fulfil all of their regulatory requirements.

The OEB has accepted an Assurance of Voluntary Compliance from Chapleau Public Utilities Corporation, an electricity distributor. The Assurance responds to non-compliance related to overcharging customers as a result of a billing system error.

The OEB has released an updated variance settlement factor that is to be used by electricity distributors to calculate a one-time credit or charge for consumers who choose to stop purchasing electricity through the Regulated Price Plan. This factor is called the "Final RPP Variance Settlement Factor" and is updated on the OEB website monthly.

To provide greater customer choice, the OEB is initiating a consultation to discuss how to enable implementation of an Ultra-Low Overnight Price Plan for electricity consumers on the Regulated Price Plan.

The OEB has launched an enhanced, more user-friendly website for the Innovation Sandbox that improves transparency of the process and support available. Informed by stakeholder feedback, a key new feature is an “as-it-happens” dashboard that provides insights into projects receiving Sandbox support.

The OEB has posted Price Comparison templates for Natural Gas Contracts for Utilities Kingston valid from August 1, 2022.

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