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The OEB has issued updated Filing Requirements for Electricity Transmission Leave to Construct Applications and Related Matters. The updated Filing Requirements bring together the current legislative and policy frameworks applicable to leave to construct and expropriation applications and include filing requirements based on OEB practice.

The OEB is inviting submissions to its Innovation Sandbox Challenge, which will focus on two themes: how to move pilots to broader implementation and innovative strategies to enhance consumers’ understanding of their role in the energy transition. The window for sending in statements of interest runs from April 3 to May 1, 2023.

The OEB has released an updated variance settlement factor that is to be used by electricity distributors to calculate a one-time credit or charge for consumers who choose to stop purchasing electricity through the Regulated Price Plan. This factor is called the "Final RPP Variance Settlement Factor" and is updated on the OEB website monthly.

The OEB has published the 2023 Quarter 2 prescribed accounting interest rates applicable to the carrying charges of deferral, variance and construction work in progress (CWIP) accounts of natural gas utilities, electricity distributors and other rate-regulated entities.

The OEB has issued a letter to Unit Sub-meter Providers (USMPs) which includes amendments to the Reporting and Record-keeping Requirements (RRR) for the 2023 filing. The letter also provides an update on the RRR process and requirements for USMPs.

The OEB is seeking stakeholder feedback on revisions made to price comparison templates and consumer-facing materials related to third-party net metering and energy supply contracts to reflect the new Ultra-Low Overnight (ULO) Price Plan. Comments are due by March 17, 2023.

The OEB has issued a letter to electricity distributors which includes a summary of changes to the Reporting and Record-keeping Requirements (RRR) for the 2023 filing. The letter also highlights new RRR changes for the April 2024 filing and beyond, including a RRR amendment related to third party net metering.

The OEB is making changes to the Reporting and Record-keeping Requirements (RRR) for electricity distributors as part of its ongoing Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Connections Review initiative. These RRR amendments will provide insight into the progress of Ontario’s energy transition.

The OEB has issued the final Notice of Amendments to the Distribution System Code regarding the connection of distributed energy resources (DERs) to local electricity distribution systems. The amendments are intended to provide further clarity and consistency in the process for connecting a DER. These amendments come into force on June 7, 2023.

The OEB has released a draft report, Resilience in the Electricity Distribution Sector and Related Policy Questions, prepared by London Economics International (LEI), in support of its upcoming March 20, 2023 meeting with stakeholders regarding Distribution Sector Resilience, Responsiveness & Cost Efficiency. It has also set out April 25, 2023 as the date for the consultation’s second stakeholder engagement meeting.

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