Electronic Business Transaction (EBT) Standards

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An advisory committee to the Board and its associated working group developed a comprehensive set of standards for electronic business transactions to allow electricity retailers and distributors to share customer and billing information efficiently and promote the rapid and accurate settlement of all accounts.

Advisory committee

An Advisory Committee was established to review proposed changes to the standards and to recommend to the Board any amendments to the standards or, if necessary, to the Retail Settlement Code. View the current membership of the Advisory Committee. The Board considers amending the Standards based on the advice of the Advisory Committee.

The Advisory Committee receives recommendations from a Working Group. Read the complete list of EBT transactions and their market opening status (mandatory or optional). On December 21, 2001 the Board authorized version 2.1 of the Standards as part of the Baseline for Market Opening.

On July 21, 2003, following the Board's authorization, the Ontario retail electricity market moved to version 2.2 of the Standards. The current version of the Standards is v.3.1, which was authorized by the Board on August 13, 2004.


Note: The various text documents in versions earlier than 3.0 are the documents authorized by the Board and are maintained on this website for accuracy. The EBT Standards Working Group has approved a consolidated version 3.0 which incorporates all authorized texts. This is provided as a convenience. In the case of dispute, the authorized texts prevail.



Aug 15-05

Standards Version 3.1

Jul 20-05

Standards Version 3.0

Dec 23-04

Aug 13-04

Standards Version 2.2


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Patches 1 and 2 Authorized April 20, 2004


Table of Corresponding Current OEB Licence Numbers and Numbers for EBT Purposes (Pursuant to GI 755)

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Documents Approved December 23, 2003


Where applicable, the Working Group Approval Requests (ARs) are also included.