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The Advisory Committee on Innovation submitted its report to the Chair of the OEB, providing recommendations on advancing its regulatory work to meet the demands of the evolving energy sector. As a next step, the OEB invites stakeholders to a session on January 16, 2019 to discuss the contents of the report and provide feedback.

The OEB has issued a letter which sets out the Cost of Capital Parameter Updates for Cost of Service Applications with Rates effective in 2019.

Consumer Alert: Consumers warned against apparent energy rebate scam

The OEB is reminding households and small businesses that the winter time-of-use (TOU) hours for the Regulated Price Plan (RPP) begin on November 1. The RPP prices themselves are not changing.

The OEB has posted Price Comparison templates for Natural Gas Contracts for Utilities Kingston valid from November 1, 2018.

The OEB is initiating Phase 2 of the review of customer service rules for electricity distributors, rate-regulated natural gas distributors and unit sub-meter providers.

The OEB has issued its Report of the Ontario Energy Board: Framework for the Assessment of Distributor Gas Supply Plans (Framework). The Framework sets out guiding principles, criteria and the OEB’s process for review and assessment of a natural gas distributor’s plan to determine whether the plan delivers best value to consumers.

The OEB has issued a bulletin providing guidance to electricity distributors on three related issues concerning the Industrial Conservation Initiative (ICI) for the purpose of billing Global Adjustment (GA) charges.

The OEB is launching an initiative to develop Activity and Program Based Benchmarking (APB) to encourage continuous improvement by regulated utilities.

The OEB has posted updated supply mix data with information from 2017. As per Ontario Regulation 416/99 made under the OEB Act, and the Board’s Directive, this information is required to be disclosed to Ontario consumers.

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