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The OEB has issued the Input Price Index of 2.0% to be used as the inflation adjustment for rates adjusted through the Price Cap IR and Annual Index plans for electricity distribution rates effective in 2020.

The OEB has issued a letter which sets out the Cost of Capital Parameter Updates for Cost of Service Applications with Rates effective in 2020.

The OEB has posted Price Comparison templates for Natural Gas Contracts for Utilities Kingston valid from November 1, 2019.

The OEB has posted Price Comparison templates for Electricity Contracts valid from November 1, 2019 to April 30, 2020.

The OEB has accepted an Assurance of Voluntary Compliance from NOVA Chemicals (Canada) Ltd. The Assurance responds to non-compliance related to operation in the wholesale market without a licence. 

The OEB has issued a Notice of Amendments to Codes of Conduct to introduce formal requirements for a Consumer Complaints Response Process for Energy Retailers.

The OEB has issued guidance to licensees regarding implementation of the Ontario Electricity Rebate.

Ontario Energy Board sets new electricity prices for households and small businesses.

The OEB and the IESO have completed the first integrated electricity and natural gas conservation achievable potential study. The final report, prepared by Navigant Consulting, is now available.

The OEB has published the 2018 Scorecards of Electricity Distributors. The scorecard measures how well Ontario’s electricity distributors are performing each year.

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