Panel reports

The Market Surveillance Panel (MSP) prepares semi-annual monitoring reports on the IESO-administered markets.

Recent reports:

The Panel has conducted reviews in relation to issues that affect the market as a whole.

  • Report on Congestion Issues (pdf) (July 3-03)
    At the July 3, 2003 meeting of the IESO Board, the Market Surveillance Panel presented its report entitled "Constrained Off Payments and Other Issues in the Management of Congestion". The Board discussed the report, endorsed the recommendations and asked IESO Management to take action to implement them in on-going consultation with the Board. With respect to the elimination of constrained off payments, the Board agreed to address this issue if the Panel brings it forward at a later date.
  • Report on Proposed Changes to IMO Information Confidentiality Catalogue (pdf) (April 1-03)
    The Panel was asked to assess the impact of releasing market data relating to unit specific generation output in near-real time, as well as planned and historic outages and maintenance of generators, aggregated by fuel type. It based its assessment on whether disclosure would increase or decrease the effectiveness of competition. The Panel concluded that concerns about releasing unit specific output information were not significant enough to warrant not releasing the information, given the present stage of the market's development. The Panel determined that the market data should be released at least an hour after dispatch, and that the impacts should be monitored as the market evolves.