Reports of the Board

Reports of the Board, Staff Reports to the Board, Consultant Reports to the Board

Listed below are significant Reports prepared by, or for, the Ontario Energy Board. The most recent documents are listed first.

Date Date Case # Documents
1500552000 EB-2015-0363 ICF Report - Marginal Abatement Cost Curve
1496318400 EB-2016-0032 Staff Report to the Board on a Proposed Cyber Security Framework and Supporting Tools
1496232000 EB-2015-0363 ICF Report - Long-Term Carbon Price Forecast
1495108800 EB-2015-0040 Report of the OEB - Regulatory Treatment of Pension and Other Post-employment Benefits (OPEBs) Costs
1486641600 EB-2014-0255 Elenchus Report to the OEB - Corporate Governance for Regulated Natural Gas and Electricity Utilities
1483012800 EB-2016-0274 Report to the Minister - Options for an Appropriate Rate Assistance Program for On-Reserve First Nations Electricity Consumers
1474891200 EB-2015-0363 Report of the Board - Regulatory Framework for the Assessment of Costs of Natural Gas Utilities’ Cap and Trade Activities
1471003200 EB-2015-0238 Staff Report to the Board - Distributor Gas Supply Planning
1468238400 EB-2015-0117 ICF Report: Natural Gas Conservation Potential Study
1463659200 EB-2015-0040 KPMG Report - Pension and Other Post-Employment Benefit Costs
1460635200 EB-2016-0153 Report of the Board - Defining Ontario's Typical Electricity Customer
1459944000 EB-2015-0237 Staff Report to the Board on the 2015 Natural Gas Market Review
1453464000 EB-2014-0219 Report of the OEB: New Policy Options for the Funding of Capital Investments - Supplemental Report
1452772800 EB-2009-0084 Staff Report: Review of the Existing Methodology of the Cost of Capital for Ontario’s Regulated Utilities
1449489600 EB-2015-0182 Report of the Board: Electricity Distribution System Reliability: Major Events, Reporting on Major Events and Customer Specific
1447675200 EB-2016-0201 Report - RPP Roadmap
1440504000 EB-2014-0189 Report of the Board: Electricity Distribution System Reliability Measures and Expectations
1439467200 -- Giving Ontarians a Voice on Energy East: The Report of the Ontario Energy Board’s Consultation and Review
1434110400 EB-2012-0383 Navigant Report - Cost Allocation to Different Types of Street Lighting Configurations
1433160000 EB-2014-0158 Report to the Minister of Energy - Consumers Come First: A Report of the Ontario Energy Board on the Effectiveness of the Energy
1427976000 EB-2012-0410 Board Policy: A New Distribution Rate Design for Residential Electricity Customers
1427803200 EB-2014-0289 Staff Report to the Board: 2014 Natural Gas Market Review
1427371200 EB-2014-0138 Report of the Board: Rate-Making Associated with Distributor Consolidation
1427371200 EB-2014-0227 Report of the Board: Developing an Ontario Electricity Support Program
1419249600 EB-2014-0134 Report of the Board: Demand Side Management (DSM) Framework for Natural Gas Distributors (2015-2020)
1411041600 EB-2014-0198 Draft Report of the Board: Electricity and Natural Gas Distributors’ Residential Customer Billing Practices and Performance
1411041600 EB-2014-0219 Report of the Board: New Policy Options for the Funding of Capital Investments: The Advanced Capital Module
1396526400 EB-2012-0410 Draft Report of the Board on Rate Design for Electricity Distributors
1394020800 EB-2010-0379 Report of the Board on Performance Measurement for Electricity Distributors: A Scorecard Approach
1385035200 EB-2010-0379 Report of the Board: Rate Setting Parameters and Benchmarking
1360584000 EB-2011-0004 Supplemental Report on Smart Grid
1350561600 EB-2010-0377, EB-2010-0378, EB-2010-0379 Report - A Renewed Regulatory Framework for Electricity Distributors: A Performance Based Approach
1349092800 EB-2012-0383 Report of the Board: Review of the Board’s Cost Allocation Policy for Unmetered Loads
1261137600 -- KEMA Inc. Report - Leveraging Network Utility Asset Management Practices for Regulatory Purposes
1260532800 EB-2009-0084 Report of the Board on the Cost of Capital for Ontario’s Regulated Utilities
1236686400 EB-2008-0150 Report of the Board - Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP)